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With so many unknows, at this time we do not have a recital date. We are planning on having a show and will keep everyone updated.


Recital  2020 

The theme for Miss Tanya’s School of Dance 15th annual recital is “I’ve Got The Music In Me” Celebrating 15 years of dance.  There will be three separate shows.  One on Friday, June 12th and two shows on Saturday, June 13th 2020.  Each performance will be around two hours and 35 minutes with a fifteen minute intermission.  There will be a medal presentation at the end of each performance.  Creative Movement and Pre-School Combo Classes ages 4&5 ONLY will be in ONE performance on Saturday and all other classes will be in Two or Three performances.  Intermediate and Advanced students and Company Members may be in all Three shows.  We will do our best to schedule students that are in one class and siblings in at least one show together, so that family members may attend.  If a student is in more than one dance class, they may be in two or three shows.  

A Pre-Ticket Sale for Creative Movement and Pre-School Combo classes ages 4&5 will begin Monday, April 20th  through Saturday, April 25th 2020.  This is ONLY for the classes listed above as these classes are in ONE show on Saturday.  Recital tickets will go on sale Monday, April 27th 2020 for all classes. Ticket prices will be given at a later date. 

All dance recital costumes have been ordered.  An invoice for the balance of costume/costumes is attached to the March newsletter.  Costumes range in price from $65.00 to $87.00 depending on the style of costume ordered.  Children 2XL and Adult 2XL costumes will have an additional $5.00 charge.   We do our best to size each student accordingly and allow for some growth room.  Each costume company supplies a size chart that we must follow. The most important measurement to determine the size of a costume is the girth (the measurement around the middle of a body, especially the waist).   As a result, some students may be required to go to a larger costume size and some areas of the costume may need alterations.  Any alterations are the responsibility of the parent.  

All costume balances must be paid in full by Saturday, April 11th 2020 with CASH or CHECK and cannot be combined with the Monthly Tuition.   No credit cards please.  A $15.00 late fee PER costume will be added if paid after the due date of Saturday, April 11th 2020.   Costume payments are Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable. 

We look forward to showcasing the progress of your child/children and the accomplishments they have achieved!