Step Up 2 Dance 2024 Overall Awards

We would like to congratulate our entire company on a very successful competition. It was such a great feeling to see everyone perform on a live stage. We waited a long time for this moment and are very excited to share the over-all results.

Ages 9-10

5th: Isla Ingemie-Collins “Moon River”

4th: Zoey Chhom “Journey to the Past” 

Ages 11-12 12th:

Emily Terho “Goodnight Stories”

9th: Serena Graves “Steam Heat”

8th: Thalia Feliciano “Too Darn Hot”

5th: Jariana Rivera “Control”

3rd: Ella Krook “Ne Me QuittePas”

1st: Natalie Anestis “Only Hope” 

Ages 13-14

5th: Nevaeh Bowser “Trust”

4th: Alexandra Guillemette “Little Bird”

1st: Sumi Yang “Fields of Gold” 

Ages 15-16

11th: Morgan Graves “Prom Queen”

10th: Mia Caputi “Remember Us This Way”

6th: Jeili  Molina “Warrior”

4th: Bruna Madeira Biz “Hanging by a Thread”

3rd: Sierra Bursch “Wide Awake”

2nd: Ella Parisi “Irrelevant”

1st: Maria Bunning “Don’t Wanna Think” 

Ages 17-18

10th: Abbie Doheny “Broken”

9th: Jillian Vettese “All Again”

6th: Catarina Bettencourt “Bohemian Rhapsody”

5th : Charlotte Beckett “Fall For You

3rd: Lily Fyfe “Stone Cold”

1st: Cori Miwa “I Want You to Need Me”

Ages 7-8

2nd: Isla Ingemie-Collins, Natalie Chhim & Zoey Chhom “How Does a Moment Last Forever?”

1st: Addison Stone& Mia Descarreaux “Anything You Can Do” 

Ages 11-12

4th:  Dakota Matson & Lea McClellan “Copa”

3rd:  Aliah Figueroa, Serena Graves & Jariana Rivera “Lose Control”

1st: Ella Krook, Natalie Anestis & Sumi Yang “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength” 

Ages 15-16

1st: Ella Parisi  & Sierra Bursch “Till It Happens to You” 

Ages 17-18

1st: Charlotte Beckett & Cori Miwa “Joanne”

 Small Groups
Ages 7-8

1st: “Pep Rally” 

Ages 11-12

3rd: “Women Be Wise”

1st: “The Prayer” 

Ages 15-16

4th: “Let’s Groove”

2nd: “I Have Nothing”

1st: “I Love You” 

Ages 17-18

2nd: “Amen”

1st: “Under Pressure” 

Large Group/Line

Ages 7-8

1st: “Surf Crazy” 

Ages 11-12

3rd: “Via Delarosa”

2nd: “Believe”

1st: “Ballroom Blitz” 

Ages 15-16 

4th: “Came Here for Love”

2nd: “Homecoming”

1st: “Because” 



4th: Natalie Anestis –Dance Off 

Worcester County Award: Miss Tanya’s School of Dance










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