Hip Hop

A fast moving, west coast style high energy class taught to the latest music. Beginner through Advanced.

Dress Code:  Clothes that do not constrict movement, such as shorts, leggings, capris (any color), Hip Hop pants (any color) and dance shirts. No jeans or long t-shirts. *Students that are going from other dance disciplines that are required to wear a black leotard, capris or leggings can be put over leotard.

Shoes: Pastry Glam Pie, black sneaker with white outer sole.  The sneaker will be required  for all Pre-School Hip Hop/Tap ages 4-6 and all 1 hour Beginner Hip Hop classes ages 5+, 6+ 8+ & 10+.  Level I/II ages 8+ are also required to wear the Pastry Glam Pie sneaker.   All Teen ages 12+, Level I/II ages 10+ and any Level II/III and up, Intermediate IV & Advanced Level V /VI Hip Hop students ONLY are required to wear any black & white low or high top sneaker.   Sneakers must NOT be worn as a street sneaker and used only for Hip Hop dance class.

 Boys: Clothes that do not constrict movement, such as shorts or sweatpants. No jeans. Black Hip Hop sneaker.

All Students are required to have the proper dance attire by the third week of class.  Street Shoes are not permitted in any studio. Shirts with explicit logos, dangling jewelry are not permitted. Hair must be tied back and off of face.  You can find all required dance wear and shoes at Dancers Boutique www.Dancersboutique86.com.