Congratulations to all of our Dancers and faculty, what an incredible end to our 2022-2023 Season. Every one of you were phenomenal. We were in awe of the hard work and dedication each of you displayed on stage. Cheers to you and another great season.                 


 Miss Tanya’s School of Dance 18th Annual Recital

Recital Theme T-shirts are on sale now until the end of April. Please visit our store link:  

The Recital Theme is “At The Movies”

The Recital dates are: Friday, June 9th 2023 (Show 1) and Saturday, June 10th 2023 (Show 2 & Show 3) at Leominster High School. Dress Rehearsal dates are: Tuesday, June 6th and Wednesday, June 7th 2023 also at Leominster High School. There will be one show on Friday and two shows on Saturday. Most students will be in two or more shows, with the exception of the Creative Movement ages 2.5 – 3yrs (Monday 4:00pm., Saturday 10:00am and Saturday 12:00pm), Thursday 4:00pm Hip Hop/Tap ages 4-6yrs, Friday 4:00pm Ballet/Jazz ages 4-6yrs and Saturday 11:00am Trio class ages 4-6yrs will be in One show on Saturday. If a student is in two combo classes per week, they may be in two separate shows. More information will be given out at a later date.

    Recital costumes have been ordered and the balance for costumes will be invoiced in February. Costumes prices have increased tremendously and will range between $68.00 – $92.00 depending on the costume that was chosen. If a student would like to withdraw from a class, you will still be responsible for the balance of the recital costume, as they cannot be cancelled. Class withdrawal must be done before the NEW month begins. You can call or send an email. If you do not withdraw before the new month, you will be responsible for that month’s tuition and the balance of the costume/costumes.

    Just a reminder that students that are participating in our annual end of the year recital will be required to pay a mandatory Recital Fee in the amount of $40.00 per student and a discounted rate of $50.00 for families who have more than one student dancing in the recital. The recital fee will include an edited video download link for ALL THREE SHOWS, free admission for the dancer to sit in the audience and enjoy the show and one appreciation medal per student. If the dancer is 3yrs and under they must sit on the lap of a parent/guardian. Miss Tanya’s School of Dance is one of the only studios in the area that allow students to sit with their families in the auditorium to watch the show, instead of remaining backstage or in a cafeteria. The fee is due on or before January 28th 2023 and is Cash or Check only.

    The video company that we have hired to professionally video all three shows is Media Creations. They will also offer additional items once the initial media package is purchased through the recital fee, such as a DVD’s, Blu-rays, USB’s and individual routines at discounted prices that will be on their order form, which will be in the recital packet emailed in May. No one will be allowed to record the recital and no flash photography will be allowed. Each show will have staff members that will be monitoring the audience and we kindly ask that you abide by this rule.

Photos by Jenn will be our official photographer for the recital. She will be at both Dress rehearsals for individual photos. More information will be given out in the recital packet.

    Instructors will begin to teach recital routines in the month of February. Class attendance is very important. New steps, formation changes, etc. will be added each week. Please make sure to be present and on time for every class. Students may not miss more than 4 classes from February to the recital date in June in order to be eligible to perform in the recital.

    Instructors will be videotaping the entire class for educational purposes ONLY when teaching recital routines. Videos are used as a teaching tool for students to see correct formations, choreography and musicality. Recital videos will NEVER be posted on social media, so we ask that students and parents do not post any videos on social media.

                                                     RECITAL PACKET INFORMATION

  • We will host 3 separate shows at Leominster High School (122 Granite St. Leominster, MA)
    • Show 1 – Friday June 9th at 6:30pm.
    • Show 2 – Saturday June 10th at 12:30pm.
    • Show 3 – Saturday June 10th at 4:30pm.
  • All shows will be approximately 2 ½ hours long.
    • Each show will have a 15-minute intermission.
  • A medal presentation will be held at the end of each performance for all the dancers to attend. We encourage them to wear their MTSD gear on stage for this presentation.
  • Recital Programs will be available for download by QR Code.
    • We will still hand out paper programs, fewer than we have in past years, that will be available the day of the show(s).

Backstage Check-Ins

  • Parents will NOT be allowed to enter the backstage area – you will be allowed to enter the designated dressing rooms to help with hair & costume changes if necessary.
  • Dancers that are in 1 routine are to arrive in full costume with their hair & makeup done and will not need to enter the designated dressing rooms.
  • Dancers are allowed to sit in the auditorium and watch.
  • ALL DANCERS must be backstage 5 routines prior to their own (see the routine order list provided below on page 17-28).
    • We do not announce each routine or routine number during the performances so please be mindful when sitting in the audience.
    • Once your dancer has finished their routine(s), please head backstage to pick them up and return to the auditorium for the remainder of the performances.
    • Dancers will not be allowed to hang out backstage or in the dressing rooms unless they perform in multiple routines and are of age to sit alone without direct supervision.
  • If you do not want to attend a show and your dancer is only coming to perform their routine, please arrive accordingly. We are unable to provide each routine with a specific time, but please note that each routine is roughly 2 – 2.5 minutes long.
  • We ask that dancers DO NOT bring any electronics or valuable items with them backstage.

Recital Gift Shop

  • We will have a Recital Gift Table (located in the lobby) set up on the day of the recital. We will offer recital themed Teddy Bears, Puppy Dogs, Unicorns and other items for that special dancer.
  • We will only be accepting Cash or Check for all items. NO credit cards will be accepted.
  • Appreciation medals can also be picked up at the gift table if your dancer does not want to stay for the medal presentation at the end of the show.
  • We will also sell water and some snacks. No food or drinks are allowed in the auditorium.

Medal Presentation

  • This ceremony is held at the end of EACH show.
    • Dancers will be invited on to the stage at the completion of each show.
    • All dancer’s names will be recited to acknowledge their participation.
  • All dancers will receive one medal – they do not receive multiples even if they are in multiple shows.
  • If you dancer performs in multiple shows it is your choice which Medal Presentation you would like your dancer to receive their medal during.
    • If you do not want to stay for the entire show, you can pick up your child’s medal at the gift shop (located in the lobby).
  • We will present our graduating seniors with a trophy at the end of Show 3.
  • Feel free to take photos and videos during medal presentations.
  • We encourage all students to wear their MTSD Recital T-Shirts or other apparel during this presentation.

Auditorium Etiquette

  • All seating is general admission and tickets are sold on a first come first serve basis.
  • The doors to the auditorium will open 30 minutes prior to the start of each show.
  • Between each show everyone will be asked to exit the auditorium and the door will be closed.
  • A special handicap section will be reserved in the front of the auditorium.
    • These patrons will be granted access into the auditorium first.
  • Children ages 2 & under are admitted at no cost but must sit on a parent’s lap during the performance.
  • Anyone entering the auditorium must have a ticket and/or wristband present.
    • If you do not have a ticket or wristband, you will not be allowed entry.
  • We do not allow seats to be saved between shows.
    • Our staff will remove any clothing apparel or other items that are on the seats and will bring them to the gift shop table in the lobby.
  • You will only be allowed to exit and enter the auditorium by the rear doors – side entry will not be permitted.
  • No entry or exit from the auditorium will be permitted while dancers are on stage – you must wait until the routine has ended.
    • Be courteous to our dancers and audience members during performances.
  • Photos and Videos of performances are NOT allowed.
    • All 3 shows are being professionally videotaped and will be emailed to all students.
  • Cellphones must be silenced while in the auditorium.
  • We ask that all conversations are kept to a minimum while dancers are performing on stage.
  • Recital T-Shirts
    • Our online apparel store is open from March 28, 2023 – April 30, 2023.
    • Recital T-Shirts will NOT be available for purchase in the studio or at recital.
    • This item must be ordered in advance.
      • T-Shirts are $22.00/each.
    • All t-shirts will be available for pick up, at the studio, the first week of June.
    • Please copy the link provided below to purchase;

    Photography – Photos by Jenn

    • Photos by Jenn will be present at both Dress Rehearsals for individual photos.
    • All payments must be paid directly to “Photos by Jenn”
    • Please see attached an order form for you to use (on final page of this packet)
    • Extra orders will be available upon request.

    Videography – Media Creations

    • The video company that we have hired to professionally video all three shows is Media Creations.
    • Your dancer’s recital fee, that was paid earlier this year, entail you to the following;
      • Each dancer will receive a copy of ALL 3 shows.
      • These videos will be available by download three weeks after the recital and will be sent directly to the email we have file.
    • Additional items are available for purchase – this includes items such as
      • These order forms will become available in May 2023.
      • Blu-Ray or DVDs
      • USB
      • Individual Routine

PRE-SALE TICKET EVENT: Monday April 24th – Saturday, April 29th 2023

This pre-sale ticket event is ONLY available for the following classes;

  • Monday Creative Movement @ 4:00pm
  • Saturday Creative Movement @ 10:00am
  • Saturday Creative Movement @ 12:00pm
  • Thursday Hip Hop/Tap @ 4:00pm
  • Friday Ballet/Jazz @ 4:00pm
  • Saturday Trio Class @ 11:00am

*This event is held specifically for these classes because they only participate in 1 show on Saturday and we want to ensure that parents, friends & extended family are able to attend before tickets sell out.


  • There will be no limit on the number of tickets a student’s family can purchase.
    • Tickets are sold on a “first come – first serve” basis.
  • We will closely monitor the number of tickets sold per show and post to our Social Media accounts if we are close to selling out a performance.
  • Tickets and/or wristbands must be present to enter the auditorium – NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Each individual must purchase a ticket or wristband – you cannot “share” with another person
  • Tickets ARE NOT REFUNADBLE – please keep these safe.
    • If tickets are lost or misplaced, you will be responsible to purchase another to attend performances.
  • Remaining tickets will be available the day of Recital, in advance, to the start of each performance. Wristbands will not be sold at the door

Recital Ticket Pricing

All ticket sales are FINAL – no refunds will be available.

Purchases can be made with cash or check only!

Single Ticket – Advance Purchase Price

Single Adult Ticket (ages 13+): $18.00

Single Children Ticket (ages 3-12): $15.00

Toddlers (ages 0-2): Free, but must be seated on lap of adult


Single Ticket – Door Purchase Price

Single Adult Ticket (ages 13+): $22.00

Single Children Ticket (ages 3-12): $18.00

Toddlers (0 – 2): Free, but must be seated on lap of adult


Multiple Shows – Wristband Purchase Price

Wristbands are available for multiple shows and can only be purchased in advance.

These will NOT be sold at the door the day of the show.

Adult Wristband for 2 Shows (ages 13+): $30.00

Child Wristband for 2 Shows (ages 3-12): $25.00

Adult Wristband for 3 Shows (ages 13+): $40.00

Child Wristband for 3 Shows (ages 3-12): $30.00 

M.T.S.D. Free Student Ticket

All students will receive a free pass to gain entrance into the auditorium in the month of May

This pass will only be good for the show(s) that they are performing in.