Important Information

 Showcase Information

 It’s hard to believe that our Company Showcase is right around the corner and we now have 102 routines that will be performed during the two shows!! Showcase is Saturday, March 2nd with a snow date of Sunday, March 3rd. (It will be posted on our website and Facebook page if the date changes to inclement weather.) Keep in mind that the venue has changed to Fitchburg State University.

 Just a reminder that this event is MANDATORY for ALL COMPANY MEMBERS, as stated in your company contract. EACH company will be required to sell a Minimum of FIVE tickets each. Company members were given 10 assigned tickets (7 adults and 3 children), one FREE ticket for one parent and a hot pink Company Dancer Pass to watch their show only. (The one free parent and one free Company Dancer Pass cannot be replaced.)  

 The Company Dancer Pass is used for the show that their main company is in. For example, if your child is on Miss Kiera’s Sapphire team, their main show is Show 1 and can use their free ticket for that show. The Sapphire team member would then have to purchase an MTSD Student Discount ticket if they wanted to attend Show 2. If a Company Member would like to attend a show other than their own, they will be required to purchase a MTSD $8.00 student discount ticket.

 All ticket sales are cash or check ONLY. NO Credit Cards please. You may return unsold tickets or exchange for other tickets at the front counter. There are NO refunds for tickets. If tickets are lost or stolen, replacements will not be given and you would be responsible for the cost of the lost or stolen tickets. All ticket monies and unused tickets must be returned to the studio no later than Monday, February 25th 2019. If tickets are not sold or returned by the due date, a $60.00 fee will be added to your account for the mandatory 5 tickets and other fees will be charged for any tickets that were not returned. For example: if you do not return or sell the 5 mandatory tickets you are ASSIGNED, you will be charged for ALL 10 tickets that were given out.

 A discounted ticket will be available for company parents only (not family & friends) that would like to attend the both shows. The discounted ticket price is $6.00. A few families have children that are not in the same show together and have family members would like to attend both the shows. If you are one of these families that have been contacted by MTSD staff, there will be a discounted ticket for family members that this will affect. Please see Tammy or Taylor when purchasing these tickets.

 There will be a discount ticket rate of $8.00 for MTSD Students that are CURRENTLY enrolled in the dance program. The discount student ticket will NOT count toward the Mandatory Five tickets that each company member is required to sell. The student discount ticket can be purchased in ADVANCE ONLY at the studio’s front desk.

 Show 1 will promptly start at 1:00pm. Company Members that are in Show 1 should arrive at Fitchburg State University at 11:45am for a quick rehearsal. Show 2 will promptly start at 5:00pm. Company Members that are in Show 2 should arrive at 3:30pm and be prepared to go on stage for a quick rehearsal. Please do not arrive earlier than the stated time, as you will not be allowed backstage. (We suggest that company members that are in Show 2 come with their hair and make-up done as there will not be a lot of time to practice some of the routines.)

 Company members will be assigned designated dressing areas. There is one large dressing area down a hallway located backstage, one small room backstage for company members that have quick changes only and one dressing area upstairs located directly above the stage. Please keep the dressing areas clean. NO FOOD or SPORTS DRINKS are allowed in the auditorium or backstage, only water is permitted. Please remember to label all of your costumes, accessories and shoes with your name, as things get very hectic backstage and this will help to prevent items getting lost.

 The auditorium doors will open 30 minutes prior to the start of each show and no company members or parents will be allowed in the auditorium until then. Please make note that there is not a large lobby area inside the auditorium and the line to enter the auditorium may extend outside. Please plan accordingly. The auditorium seats at Fitchburg State University are all on one level and do not have as much of an incline as in the past location. With that being said, movement in the auditorium may be more disruptive. We ask that parents who have company members in numerous routines and need to go back stage often to please try and sit at the end of a row or sit in the last row of seats at the rear of the auditorium.

For existing Company Members please let the front counter staff know ASAP if any company members need earrings or eyelashes. For all NEW Company Members, earrings and lashes will be ordered and given out mid – February and a list of required face make-up will be given out shortly.

 A schedule of each show was attached to this notice. As stated before, some routines will perform in both shows. We have done our best to try and schedule routines that are in both shows either during the second half of Show 1 or the first half of Show 2. Please review carefully for spelling errors and also make sure that you have a minimum of 3 routines between the next for costume changes. If a company member only has 2 routines please let the front counter staff knows ASAP.  

The stage at Fitchburg State University has a high gloss finish, which will make it slippery to use Jazz boots. Unfortunately we cannot put a Marley floor on top of the existing stage. Any routines that required Jazz boots will NOT use them for Showcase. All company members that have routines that wear jazz boots will be will be required to wear stirrup tights, have dance paws, footundeez or dance barefoot. Instructors will let company members know what will be required for each routine. Please do not go out and purchase shoes ask your instructor first to see what they will require.

We look forward to showcasing all of the wonderful talent at Miss Tanya’s School of Dance and are so excited to witness the growth of our MTSD family!


Competition Company Pre-Payment Plan

The payment plan is MANDATORY FOR ALL COMPANY MEMBERS. The payment plan begins in July and will continue for the months of August, September, October, November & January   Fees collected will be applied to Competition Entry Fees, and Teacher Travel Fees. If any money is left over at the end of the competition season it can be applied to Recital Costumes and Tuition. Payments are due on or before the 10th of each month. A $10.00 Late fee will be added weekly thereafter and WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED. We hope that this budget plan will help with the expense of competitions. Cash and checks only please, as payments go into a separate account. Parents that participate in fundraising can apply credits to any company competition balance, costumes, workshops etc. Company Pre-Payments and Competition Entry Fees are NON REFUNDABLE and NON TRANSFERABLE. If a competition entry fee balance is due and not paid by the due date a $15.00 late fee will be added and weekly thereafter until balance is paid in FULL. No Exceptions will be made. Payment Plan (due on or before the 10th of each month) Fees are NON REFUNDABLE & NON TRANSFERABLE. Checks must be separate from tuition.

Mini Company – Miss Brittany - $50 per month (July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov & Jan.)

 Junior Company – Miss Brianna - $115.00 per month (July & August) $65.00 per month (Sept, Oct, Nov & Jan.)

 Junior (Blue) Company – Miss Kiera - $125.00 per month (July & August) $75.00 per month (Sept, Oct, Nov & Jan.)

 Junior (Red) Company – Miss Tanya - $125.00 per month (July & August) $75.00 per month (Sept, Oct, Nov & Jan.)

 Teen (Blue) Company - Miss Kiera - $180.00 per month (July & August) $140.00 per month (Sept, Oct, Nov & Jan)

Team (Red) Company - Miss Tanya - $180.00 per month (July & Aug) $140.00 per month (Sept, Oct, Nov & Jan)

 Senior (Red) Company - (Miss Tanya) - $180.00 per month (July &Aug)   $140.00 per month (Sept, Oct, Nov & Jan)

 Senior (Blue) Company - (Miss Kiera) - $180.00 per month (July &Aug)   $140.00 per month (Sept, Oct, Nov & Jan)

 Acro Company – (Miss Brianna) - $60.00 per month (July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov & Jan)

 Sapphire Hip Hop Company - Miss Kiera - 60.00 per month (July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov & Jan)

 Diamond Hip Hop Company - Miss Tanya - $60.00 per month (July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov & Jan)

 If Company Members are on two teams, both payment amounts are required. Team Member’s that are bridging over to another team will pay 1/2 the fee for the second team.

Payments must be Cash or Check only. Checks must be separate from tuition.


Company Rehearsal Rates

1 hour class - $48.00 per month

1 hour 15 minute class - $55.00 per month

1 hour 30 minute class - $58.00 per month


 Technique Class - $30.00 per month

 *Students who are on multiple companies will receive a discount. The higher price will prevail and the second rate will be $30.00 per month.