Pre-School Combination classes ages 4&5

Combined classes in Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Hip Hop for children ages 4 - 6. These classes teach basic dance movements, terminology, rhythms, self-confidence, and musical awareness through the use of children.

Dress Code: Any color leotard, or unitard. Short sheer skirts are optional. Tights will depend on the dance disciplines that are combined. Hir in pony tail or bun.

Shoes: Pre- Ballet/Jazz class will use Pink Ballet slippers, whereas a Ballet/Tap and Hip Hop/Tap will require two types of shoes, Black Merry Jane Bloch buckle leather shoe with bow and the  "Pastry Glam Pie" black sneaker with white outer sole. 

Boys: Pre-Tap combination class - black Tapster shoe. Hip Hop combination class -  Black Hip Hop sneaker.