Registration 2020-2021

Miss Tanya’s School of Dance 2020/2021 Registration & Liability Waiver

A separate Covid 19 in studio and online waiver form must be filled out by clicking here.

By completing the form below you agree to enroll the mentioned student at ‘Miss Tanya’s School of Dance’.

I understand that, Miss Tanya’s School of Dance and its faculty are not liable or assume responsibility for personal injuries, damages, or loss of personal property. I understand that it’s required that my child is to be covered by my insurance and if injury occurs and is also understood that my own policy is the only source of reimbursement. A separate Covid 19 waiver form will be required to fill out and sign for each student. The separate Covid waiver form will be on our Website for all online classes and in studio classes.

Tuition is a set rate, based on an annual fee, divided into 10 equal monthly payments from September 2020 - June 2021. Vacation weeks and holidays are taken into calculation when establishing tuition prices. Payments are the same each month; tuition is not prorated if a month only has 2 weeks or increased if the month has 5 weeks. Tuition is non-refundable and will not be prorated to accommodate for missed classes. Tuition is the same amount if classes are taken online or at the studio. Students may schedule up to 7 free make-up classes in advance for their first class and one make-up class for each class taken from September 2020 – February 2021 to offset any missed classes due to illness, snow days, holidays, dress rehearsal(s) and recital. Most make-up classes will be done via Zoom online. Some classes will be in the studio, if space is available. Late fees are applied to all negligent accounts and I understand that it is my responsibility to have payments paid by the set due dates to avoid any extra late fees. I am aware that June tuition is due by May 22, 2021 not by June 15, 2021. I understand that at any time during the dance season, if necessary or mandated by the state, governor or mayor the studio may have to change from in studio classes to online classes via Zoom. I also understand that Miss Tanya’s School of Dance is entitled to use videography and photography throughout the year; these photos and videos may be used for advertising, promotions and decoration. *Class size is limited and is accepted on a first come first serve basis. You will be notified if the class that you registered for is full and we will try to find another class. Registration fee must be paid when for is submitted,

*Office staff will calculate the monthly tuition

Please note: The Registration Fee is $25 which needs to be paid online by visiting Payments Page after submitting this form. The registration will be complete only after submitting this form and the 2020-2021 Credit Card information form. Please provide Student's name as mentioned in the registration form and write "Registration 2020-2021" in Reason of Payment


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