2020-2021 Competition & Workshop dates

The 2020 - 2021 Competition Schedule and Convention Schedule will be posted in mid-September 2020.

We will be attending the Beyond The Stars competition the weekend of September 18th - 20th 2020 in Bellingham Mass. at the Bellingham High School.


Last Updated: July 22, 2020

Thank you for choosing Beyond The Stars as one of your 2020 Competitions. We have been keeping a close eye on national and international updates about the Corona Virus (COVID-19), as the health and well-being of everyone in attendance at our events is of the utmost priority to us. Here you will find our latest event updates regarding Covid-19. We will be updating this page frequently, in addition to our social media pages, with the events that are postponed as well as extra precautions that we are taking.


Protocols may change as safety guidelines and restrictions are modified.

  • Events will be live streamed to limit the need for spectators. In most areas, awards will be live streamed without dancers on stage and awards will be delivered to the studios.
  • Whenever possible studios will compete one at a time and can leave immediately following their performance, therefore dressing room congestion shouldn’t be an issue.
  • Each studio will be assigned specific time slots for all of their dancers to perform their routines. Additional cleaning will be done throughout the day.
  • The schedules will be planned deliberately to minimize the number of studios in the building at one time. Final schedule will be determined by studio size. If more than one studio is in the building at the same time, seating in the auditorium will be divided by studio.
  • Competition staff will have temperatures taken and a wellness check-in every day. Staff will also wear masks.
  • Signs will be posted to encourage social distancing and proper hygiene. Hand sanitizer stations will be provided throughout the venue.
  • Masks are recommended for all spectators.
  • There will be no scoring deductions for costuming if masks or gloves are used or if a studio chooses not to dance in costume. If utilizing the Dressing Rooms, please limit the number of people accompanying the dancers. Dancers should arrive in full hair makeup and in their first costume, ready to perform. This will limit their time in the dressing room.
  • We would like to please ask that each dancer is accompanied by no more than one (1) spectator. Those in high-risk categories are encouraged not to attend.
  • Only the performers and one studio representative will be allowed in the backstage area for each performance.
  • Based on location, additional requirements and protocols will be sent to the studio with the final schedule prior to the competition.


  • Checking temperatures with infra-red thermometers & limiting spectator attendance. Any person with a temperature of 100.4°F (38°C) or above will NOT be allowed to enter the event.
  • No dressing rooms
  • No props that cannot be carried on by the performers

     We may attend a National event or performance in 2021 if we feel that it is safe to do. Seniors that would like to participate are welcome to come, in the event that colleges only open virtually until 2021 and you would like to train at the studio. 

     Thank you for always supporting us and we appreciate your trust and understanding. Stay safe and healthy and we hope to be all together soon.

 Miss Tanya & Miss Tammy and the MTSD Staff