Important Dates

 We have extended the Make-up class date until Saturday, February 10th 2018. 

The January Observation schedule is now posted on the website under Newsletters. 

March 3rd 2018 – Company Showcase featuring ALL of MTSD Competition Company at Fitchburg High School.  This year there will be TWO shows.  Show 1: Starts at 1:00pm and will feature Miss Kiera’s , Miss Kayla’s & Miss Brittany’s routines.  Show 2:   4:30pm will feature Miss Tanya’s, Miss Kayla’s & Miss Brianna’s routines.  Mark your calendars for this exciting showcase. Tickets go on sale February 1st 2018.  Ticket Prices: Advance purchase $10.00 Adult & $8.00 Door price – $15.00 adults & $12.00 children. Children under age of 3yrs are Free,  Student discount ticket $5.00.